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The Pasture Pig

KuneKunes (pronounced "cooney-cooney") are the up and coming small farm, economical production hog, with their rare heritage slow growing background, to ease of pasture management and docile nature they are a must have on any small or large homestead.
  KuneKunes are known for their high quality pork, as well as their distinctive looks that many are drawn to. KuneKune meaning fat and round, these pigs were originally imported from New Zealand and were considered almost extinct in the 1980's due to cross breeding.
  The KuneKunes are also know for their extremely docile and friendly nature naturally seeking out human interaction. They are a pasture grazing pig and prefer to graze on grass. Their short snouts make it ideal for those looking for a pig that are less prone to uproot. They make excellent mothers and have little to no farrowing issues. KuneKunes are still fairly rare in both Canada and the US.
Little Acres Farm is currently working with 14 different lines and are the largest KuneKune breeder of the East Coast.
Boar lines: Boris /Mahia Love / Ru/ Andrew, BHTutaki?TeWhangi
Sow lines: Kereopa/ Trish/ Wilson's Gina/ Tapeka/Awakino/Jenny/Rona/ Haunene

     Our 2024 planned pairings are...
             Andrew X Trish
            Andrew X Tapeka
           Ru X Wilsons Gina

           Boris X Kereopa
         Mahia Love X Trish
              Ru X Tapeka
     (*pairings may change and not guaranteed*)

  Contact us to get on our waitlist.

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